I am Honored to Represent Tennessee.

images Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog!! Recently, I decided I wanted to start participating in Mrs. pageants. I decided this for a variety of reasons I won’t list in this post (but I will in a later post). I simply googled Mrs. pageants and the first hit was the website for the Mrs. International Pageant. After pretty much reading the entire site (a few times), I had a great feeling about this particular pageant for a variety of reasons. Mainly being that this pageant is strongly platform based and scored 50% on interview. Also, the past contestants looked like woman I’d love to know and be friends with. It just felt like the right fit. I clicked on my state-Tennessee- and saw that there is no preliminary pageant for my state, but instead the director chooses a delegate by hand after she submits an application, photo and participates in a phone interview. I filled out the application and about a week later I found myself on the phone with Mary Richardson, the director of the pageant. Talking to her was like 2nd nature to me. We spoke for about 1 hour and I told her all about my prospective platform. Ms. Richardson promised to get back to me in about 3 weeks. I felt good about the whole thing.

I was contacted 3 weeks later and told that the choice had been narrowed down to me and 1 other applicant. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I was so excited!  About 2 days later I found out I was chosen to represent TN in the upcoming NATIONAL Mrs. International pageant!! It was surreal when she told me. I teared up a bit and trembled with excitement. Even though I didn’t win a preliminary pageant to get this title, I still feel very accomplished being hand picked by the director. I will not let her down!


 I will be writing about my journey on this blog. Mostly about my preparation to actually compete, any appearances I may make during my reign, and information about my chosen platform-Advocacy and Inclusion for Adults with intellectual disabilities. I am thrilled to compete against some of the most poised and elegant ladies in the country, and even more thrilled about being able to be an active voice for something I feel very strongly about.

Check out the Mrs. International Website

Also please Like my official Mrs. TN International 2014 Facebook page. 

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