Touring the SRVS Facility

I had the privilege of touring the SRVS (pronounced “serves”) facility this morning. I expected to meet some amazing people and to learn about what this organization provides to the individuals in our community with intellectual disabilities. What I did not expect was to be completely mind blown by what awaited me on the inside of those walls. 


For those that do not know, SRVS is a non-profit organization here in Memphis, TN that provides services to individuals with disabilities, and their families. There are 7 distinct programs offered through SRVS, each one outstanding and unique. 

  • The Learning Center

SRVS offers state of the art classrooms equipped with cutting edge technology, curriculum and carefully thought out activities to help students improve their social, academic, cognitive, self-care and pre-vocational skills. 


I think I visited every classroom at the facility, and each one was amazing. The facility is absolutely beautiful. The activities the students engage in are carefully planned out to help them reach their full potential. Also, they are happy and having fun! The learning center uses a Montessori approach, and it’s obviously working! All the individuals I met were happy and thriving. The activities are tailored to each individual’s level, but they still get to choose what they want to do. It’s truly amazing, and unfortunately, I can’t portray accurately how wonderful it was to see the learning center in action. 


  • Industries

The Industries program has been employing people with disabilities since 1062 and has become the premiere choice for outsourcing. Basically, they offer services to businesses in the Memphis area, and employ individuals with disabilities to fill those needs. They do things like boxing, labeling, shrink wrapping and packaging. 


  • Community Living

SRVS provides more than 80 residential living sites fully staffed to help individuals with things like self-help routines and transportation. Only 3-4 people live in one house, so this isn’t like a traditional “group home.” They also utilize foreclosed homes in the area and alter them as needed for wheelchairs, etc. 

  • Community Employment Services

This service helps to place individuals with jobs in the community that match their interests and skills. They are also supported during their employment to ensure everything is going as well as it can. This provides self-worth, community involvement, monetary income and a sense of pride for these individuals and is SO SO important. 

  • Family Support

This program provides assistance for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Assistance can be in the form of respite, before and after school care, specialized equipment and supplies, education and home and vehicle modification. 



  • Elderly and Adult Disability Services

This program serves adults aged 21-64 with disabilities, and any adult over age 65. They provide education, homemaker services, personal care services and respite care. 

  • Clinical Services

Services provided include behavior supports, nursing and nutritional services, and medication administration. They even have a little mini pharmacy at the facility, so of course I had to check it out and meet the staff since I’m a pharmacist! 

I enjoyed touring and learning about SRVS so so much! Everyone made me feel extremely welcome. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time I was there. SRVS really exemplifies what I had in mind when I chose a platform. The work they are doing for the disabled in our community is awe-inspiring and I cannot wait to be involved with some of their events in the future. Stay Tuned!

Check out the SRVS website


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