How I celebrated Go Red for Women Day


A woman dies from heart disease every minute making it the number one killer of women in the U.S.


Today was Go Red for Women Day! I started off the day by heading back to the television station. I was honored to be asked to participate in a phone bank provided by our local ABC station and our local AHA chapter. The phone bank consisted of a group of professional heart experts (including me!) available to answer questions phoned in by the viewers of the show.


This phone rang off the hook with lots of questions about heart disease and heart health.

My sweet husband even came along to answer questions. It was pretty neat, but the morning reporter threw me a curve ball by interviewing me live on the air! I wasn’t expecting more than a general view of the room we were in, but I ended up being able to talk a little bit about heart medications and my involvement with the international pageant system. Two things I’m very passionate about! It was a good day and I left feeling very proud.



Our phone room! Can you spot me with the blond hair? The lovely reporter is right beside me.

The entire Walgreens staff also wore red today, and since I had to go straight from the studio to work, I was good to go! I already had my red on 🙂


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