World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Hello Everyone! Today is World Down Syndrome Awareness day. March 21 (3.21) was chosen because it represents the triplication of the 21st chromosome which is the main cause of Down Syndrome. I am very excited to be a special guest at the International Down Syndrome Coalition’s wrap up party tomorrow. The IDSC published a nice article about me and my platform on their blog.

When Stephanie Turner was 11 months old, her sister Janice was born.  They played together, they fought together, just like any other siblings would.  But there was more to the picture, as Janice was born with Down syndrome.  There were times when growing up with her sister was hard.  Most of that came from Stephanie’s extreme shyness and she did not feel comfortable in the role of advocate for her sister until well into her teen years.  As she entered high school, she was able to better appreciate the relationship she had with her sister and was not afraid to claim her as such when classmates asked.
When Stephanie got married in 2007, Janice served as a bell ringer at the wedding.  Stephanie says she’ll never forget the look of pride on Janice’s face as she walked down the aisle.  Because Janice thinks of her sister as her idol, Stephanie wants to do everything in her power to make Janice proud of her.
Janice was on her mind when she needed to create a platform in order to participate in a Mrs. Pageant.  Her official platform title is “Advocacy and Inclusion for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities”.  Stephanie tutors students at the ARC Mid South every week as they prepare to take their GED test.  She’s also involved in supporting the Special Olympics of Greater Memphis and is a Ds Ambassador with the National Down Syndrome Society.  Stephanie specifically focuses her platform on adults because she feels that they can be sometimes forgotten and need to be included in the community at large.
Having a sibling with Down syndrome has made Stephanie the person she is today.  She is not afraid of differences, rather she embraces them.  She loves that her sister is stubborn, sweet, witty, and likes to indulge in culinary delights.  Janice loves Transformers and Disney princesses and loves to draw.  Stephanie believes that Janice has taught her patience and compassion.  Most importantly she wishes that she could live life the way Janice does… the fullest and loving without abandon!
To learn more about Stephanie’s platform and her involvement in pageants, please visit her blog or her Facebook page.
The IDSC is excited and proud to announce that Stephanie will be attending the World Down Syndrome Day Wrap Up party in Memphis, TN this weekend!  If you’re in the area, please join the party—you can RSVP here.

– See more at:

I am thrilled to attend this event and I will be sure to post a lot of pictures. I hope everyone has a great day!

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