Trunk Show in Dothan!

I was extremely blessed to be able to attend the International Pageants Trunkshow in Dothan, AL at the end of April. My sweet husband drove me the 7 hours to Dothan so I could sleep since I had to work late the night before we left. I had appointments to meet with Thomas Dunn Studios for my makeup and hair consultation for the pageant, and the amazing and beautiful Suzy Bootz, official coach for the International Pageants. I met with Thomas and Drew first and I got my hair and makeup done and we talked about what I’d like for pageant week. I was in heaven!! I left feeling very positive and excited, and I looked fabulous as well thanks to their expertise. I know I made the right choice!




Then after a quick lunch, I met with Suzy Bootz at The Competitive Image! I had been looking forward to meeting with her for months! She certainly did not disappoint and I feel like my time with her was priceless! I again left feeling very positive and excited about what the future may hold for me! She is a wonderful and kind person and I am so thankful I got to meet with her.


I also met Mary Richardson, the director of International Pageants. I am so grateful she gave me a chance and she is even more amazing in person than she has been in my phone conversations with her. She is a beautiful and kind person and I will not let her down! I also met Clay Spann! My dream is to have a shoot with him in the near future. Me and my sweet husband ended the day by having some amazing Thai food, then I crashed. I was exhausted, but in a very wonderful way. It was a very quick trip, but oh so worth it!

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